Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho 2015

The Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho are a rugged range of deep clear lakes, white granite rocks and whitebark pines up to 1000 years old. In July of 2015 I was fortunate to spend a week exploring this beautiful area with four long-time friends from Colorado (Jeff, Ken, Stan and Steve). We enjoyed a relaxing and photogenic four night backpack in the Twin Lake and Toxaway Lake valleys followed by a successful scramble up Idaho’s highest peak Borah Peak (12,668 feet).

D-02888-1.jpgD-02889.jpgD-02891.jpgD-02892-merged-focus.jpgD-02893-merged-focus.jpgD-02901-merged focus.jpgD-02903-merged exposure.jpgD-02907.jpgD-02910-pan.jpgD-02911.jpgD-02916.jpgD-02920.jpgD-02932-pan.jpgD-02937-Edit.jpgD-02939-merged focus.jpgD-02943-merged focus.jpgD-02945.jpgD-02949, Merged.jpg
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