Hurricane Tampico 135L Sea Kayak, very good condition, Port Townsend

We bought this boat almost new in 2010 – it had only been on the water 3 times when we got it. After paddling this boat for over a year, my wife and I needed bigger boats for camping and this little green gem has been sitting unused in our garage.

The Tampico 135L is an excellent smaller sea kayak for the larger person, 13.5 feet long and 24 inches wide. Unlike other recreational kayaks, it is safe and seaworthy, with both forward and rear bulkheads for good floatation. There’s also full perimeter deck lines for safety and generous bungees deck gear. The large 38 inch cockpit is very easy to enter. The factory high-back seat is comfortable and adjustable.

This little kayak is light and gets up to speed quickly and is effortless to paddle. It’s fairly stable yet responsive and very maneuverable. My husband and I learned how to roll in this kayak.

The kayak is outfitted with the factory recreational high-back seat. Also included are two sets of custom-made knee braces and a custom-made performance seat back, all fully padded with closed-cell waterproof foam. The custom knee braces and performance seat are easy to remove or change with two bolts each.
We baby our gear and this boat is in very good condition. The deck is shiny and in great shape and the hull has some light standard wear. The deck, hull and hatch covers have been regularly wiped with 303 UV protectant. This kayak has been stored in the garage (starting with the original owner) until this summer, when it was wrapped in a tarp and stored in the shade. There are just two small cracks on the hull that have been sealed.

Hurricane Tampico Features:

Hurricane kayaks are thermoformed using a material called Trylon. Some of the advantages of Trylon over conventional rotomolded materials include: Lightweight, Superior Rigidity, Enhanced Aesthetics, UV stability and Lower surface friction. Trylon also requires minimal maintenance to keep your kayak looking good.

Other Features:
• Adjustable Seat Back
• Perimeter Deck Lines and Bow & Stern Deck Rigging
• Bow & Stern Bulkheads
• Bow & Stern Hatches

• Length: 13 ft 5 in
• Width: 23.5 in
• Cockpit Size: 38 x 21 in
• Weight: 45 lbs
• Capacity: 250 lbs

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Price: Sold new for $1200+, asking $650, cash.


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